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Email Marketing

Email marketing is a way of communication that helps businesses to convert prospects into customers. It is a highly effective digital marketing strategy that gives almost 40% of the Return on Investment (ROI), which is higher than other digital marketing channels. Email Marketing strategies are commonly used to achieve three primary objectives- build loyalty, brand awareness, and trust. Mainly, organisations use emails to send advertisements, request business, and other information related to their services to convince new or current customers to purchase something.  

Use of Email Marketing for Customers and Prospects

 Customers: An organization uses email marketing for existing customers to make them aware of new products or services, known as remarketing. For Instance, a Digital marketing agency had created a website for a client so they can approach their customers for SEO through Email marketing. They can inform them of offers and new services and nurture or inform them. It helps to keep relations good with the customers as it is a part of communication.

Prospects: Prospect is when an organization approaches new clients to sell its services. It helps turns prospects into customers. For Instance, we got a list of people searching for similar services that we provide. Hence, through email marketing, we can personally connect with them and make them aware of our services.

Benefits of Email Marketing-   

  1. Cost-effective- As email marketing is the most effective marketing method, it is more cost-effective than other marketing processes. Almost it gives a 40% of Return on Invest (ROI). If we are not spamming, only doing email marketing and 77% of people still prefer emails.   
  2. Automation- Automation is a way to automatically reach the right people with the right message and reach relevant people or audiences. Here we create a sequence and strategy of emails. Email marketing provides us with numerous software and tools to create our automatic campaign and make an automatic sequence. 

An example of one monthly strategy of email marketing

The above image is one-month planning and strategy for email marketing, and according to the image, we can create our strategy too. For example-   

  • The First scenario- We will send any mail to the user. We will resend the mail if the user is not opening our mail the first time. Still, the user needs to open our mail the second time. Then will stop sending mail to the user.    

  • The second scenario- If the user has opened our mail for the first or second time, then we will continue our marketing process on that user.  

If the user has not responded to the last two emails, then we must stop marketing to that user. Otherwise, it will be included in the spam.    

       3.Personalized content: Email marketing gives users personalized content that seems catchy and authentic. For example, if an email pops up on the user’s Gmail with the greeting, Hello user. Hence, the usage of the user's name will unconsciously insist that the user read the mail. 

       4.Quick and measured insights: Email marketing tools and software are very advanced. We can track our emails and how they are performing. It helps us to create a strategy.  

How to capture email addresses  

We have to try to do genuine email marketing and avoid spamming for better results. We should have used the lead magnet to capture email addresses rather than buying.  

For the lead magnet, we can use the following thing on our website-  

  • eBooks  

  • A cheat sheet of tips or resources  

  • Case studies  

  • Webinar  

  • Free trials  

  • Free quote or consultation  

  • Quizzes or a self-assessment  

  • Coupon   

These are the types of emails that we create for our targeting users-  

Informational email: When we have to provide knowledge related to our services or products to customers or prospects, in that case, we create an Informational email.  

Promotional email: If we are telling about any service or product to generate sales, in this case, we use promotional email. 

Most people believe that the value of email marketing is declining day by day, and organizations use it only for spamming and fraud. But, it’s just a myth that people created the perspective in their minds for email marketing. According to the latest reports and facts, Email marketing is still the highest effective digital marketing strategy that gives a high Return on Investment (ROI). People don’t know the real power of email marketing. Hence, they started spamming. If we follow the proper strategy of email marketing, then we can get starling results that can quickly boost businesses.