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Email Marketing and its tools

Nowadays, most businesses are switching to digital platforms due to the high usage of the Internet. Everything is available on the Internet, from food options to IT services. Moreover, to reach the right customers' businesses need to create the right digital marketing strategies, and to create the right strategy, they need a perfect tool for marketing. However, there are numerous techniques of digital marketing through which you can reach your customers, like SEO, SMM, SMM, and much more. Still, email marketing is the highly effective technique that gives the highest Return on Investment (ROI). Hence, this article will discuss the top email marketing tools and distinguish the pricing and features of these tools. 

 Top Email Marketing Tools for your business 


Mailchimp is one of the most common and famous Email marketing automation platforms built for businesses to help them communicate with clients, customers, or other interested parties. It provides many features like managing mailing lists, creating custom email templates, and automating entire marketing campaigns.  


Convertkit is one of the new and effective software for email marketing. The products of Convertkit mainly target professional bloggers, YouTubers, tutors, and others. They help content creators easily connect with their fans and generate expenses through email marketing.  


Activecampaign is also an effective software with excellent automation features and some fantastic email templates. 

Sendinblue ( Now Brevo)  

Sendinblue is an all-in-one email marketing software that fulfills all its users' marketing needs. Moreover, it is cheaper than Mailchimp and has more features too.  


Getresponse has intelligent automation features, also setting up campaigns is very easy. You can find numerous awesome templates for emails, landing pages, funnels, and forms. It helps you in the growth of your business.   

All the aforementioned tools have their specialty, automation facilities, templates, and features. There is a slight difference in all these Email marketing tools in their prices, templates, usage, and delivery rate. To ease your work, we differentiate all five email marketing platforms so you can easily find out the suitable tool for your business. 

Features  Mailchimp  Convertkit  Activecampaign  Getresponse  Sendinblue 
Free Plan  500 subscribers and 2.5k emails  1k subscribers and unlimited emails  no free plan  unlimited emails with 500 subscribers.  9,000 emails /month (300 emails/day) & unlimited contacts. 
Premium  59$ for 5k subscribers, 87$ for 10k subscribers, and 299$ for 50k subscribers  79$ for 5k subscribers, 119$ for 10k subscribers, and 379$ for 50k subscribers  $99 for 5k subscribers, $174 for 10k subscribers, and $424 for 50k subscribers  29$ for 2.5 subscribers, 54$ for 5k subscribers, 79$ for 10k subscribers, 299$ for 50k subscribers.  $25 for 20,000 emails & unlimited contacts, $29 for 40,000 emails & unlimited contacts, $39 for 60,000 
Usability  Easy usage by just drag and drop  Easy functionality Drag and Drop  easy to use with advanced features  a decent job in their usability  drag and drop editor is fast and offers all the pre-set options 
Themes & Templates  100+ themed templates and 14 blank layouts   Only 3 email templates for email designing  250+ nicely designed and mobile-friendly templates, flexible content blocks  Better templates for free users  doesn’t have many modern templates as other 
Delivery Rate  Delivery rate is slow in comparison of others  Delivery rate is good  Better than Mailchimp  delivery rate is very lower than others  good delivery rate 

  Numerous email marketing tools are available on the internet, but we have picked some amazing tools for your business. These tools are beneficial for companies, and they have a lot of amazing features and automation facilities. In contrast, if you are new to email marketing and want to get some amazing features for free or at a low price, then Mailchimp and Sendingblue would be better for you. Their free plans offer many features with easy usability and are cheaper than others.