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Which SEO would be better for your website ranking

In this modern era, there are various techniques and tricks to rank your website on google, but it's not an overnight process.

To appear your website on Google's organic results you need Search Engine Optimization (SEO) simply, which means to improve the quality as well as the quantity of traffic or visitors and get your URL on the front page of search results that every website wants. However, there are a couple of types of SEO- White Hat SEO, Black Hat SEO, and Grey Hat SEO. Many of you might be aware of these terms, but the folks who do not know about them and the difference between each of them. First, you must know what they are, what are their uses, and which SEO would be better for your website ranking.

Therefore, having limited knowledge about these terms can undo your efforts to optimize your website and rank it on search engines. Also, your website would be blacklisted forever from Google's search results because Google highly prioritises its algorithms and you can't afford to upset the algorithms.

Hence, this article will explain everything about black, white, and grey hat SEO, how these work, and which SEO should be chosen to rank your website.


1. White Hat SEO

It means good practice; it requires some patience; it is slow and steady but gives long-lasting results in the growth of your website ranking. It includes tips, techniques, and strategies. It runs with the rules, regulations, and algorithms of Google. Hence, Google highly recommends it to its users. 

A few Its techniques are listed below:

High-quality content

Content always plays a major role in blogging. Every visitor wants to see unique and well-written content on any website. Hence, Google aims to show the best content to its users. Therefore, it only gives importance to those websites that have good quality content. There is nothing more valuable than good content, it helps a lot to appear in the top search results of Google.

Titles and Meta Data

Giving proper headings and meta descriptions on pages is so essential in SEO. Meta description and Meta tags are the most important elements to appear on the top search results.

Also, the Title of anything is an overview of what the content might be, so make sure that you use a true representation of your page content.

Inbound Links

Having good inbound links is extremely important to a website. If your web pages are relevant to the content of your page, then it will be considered a good inbound link. On the other hand, if your website is not relevant to the content of the page, then it's a bad link.


2. Black Hat SEO

It refers to cheating, it gives quick and unpredictable results but doesn’t give long-term growth in the ranking of your website. However, Google identifies the presence of its techniques on your website. Then apparently, it will get banned by google. 

Let's take a quick glimpse at some techniques of it. 


Duplicate Content

What is duplicate content? It refers to when any content or information already appears on the internet and the user copies that content or info and pastes it to its own website.

Keywords stuffing

Keywords mean a shortlist of words that inform search engines about the main focus words of the page. But keyword stuffing means repetition of keywords again and again which is not acceptable by the Google algorithms.  

Fake pages

Fake pages that are stuffed with content and largely optimized for many keywords that link to a target or wharf pages.


3. Grey Hat SEO

It involves combining techniques of both black as well as white SEO, it can also badly affect your website rank. The algorithms of Google do not accept the practice of it.  However, the term is still unclear that’s why it is kept between White and Black SEO.

The techniques of its are as follows-


Using the expired old domain 

It refers to buying an expired domain that has a google domain rank. It is a very common technique in it. Buying links 

Webmasters use this technique to increase the ranking of their websites.

Spinning the Content 

It refers to when a user copies an article from any other website and rewrites it until it becomes plagiarism-free content.

Using of AI Artificial Intelligence writer  

When a user just puts their topic in the AI software and AI writer automatically writes it according to the user's requirements.

Submitting Web Sites into the Web directories

 It refers to getting backlinks from web Directories. It is one of the easiest and oldest ways to get backlinks. 

Hence, there are numerous other techniques of it.



If we talk about SEO, Google wants its users to play with honesty. This gives the users a better experience and they can learn a lot through this. Black SEO techniques are highly prohibited by Google. A website would be blacklisted if google finds out about any involvement of Black SEO on a particular website. 

On the other hand, white SEO is the best. It is a kinda slow process but it gives you long-lasting results, and also, it is recommended by google too. 

Finally, the Grey SEO lies somewhere between black and White SEO as it is an unclear term and it is not acceptable too, as many experts suggest to webmasters to avoid the practice of Grey SEO.