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Afro Modern Tech

Afro Modern Tech Nigeria Limited; is a delivery partner for all industrial machines, plants, equipment, spares, and raw material in Nigeria. They work as a business partner to source industrial procurement needs from across the globe and ship them to order for your ever-growing dynamic needs. 

Client’s requirement 

The client wanted a static website to increase the sales of its products. He wanted to give an amazing experience to the visitors to his website. Hence, he wanted to add some pages to the website. 

We have added the following features to the website: 

  • Home page 

  • About us page 

  • Industries page 

  • Customers page 

  • Products page 

  • product-detail page 

  • Services page 

  • partnership page 

Challenges we faced while web developing of Afro Modern Tech 

It has numerous product offerings; hence, the challenge was providing a display that explains the product’s features and specifications. 


We created a technologically advanced website equipped with multiple features. That was easy to browse, giving a user-friendly experience on multiple devices.  

Technologies we used while creating this website. 

Html, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, .Net