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Rolls Studio Website

Rolls Studio restaurant serves different types of Veg and Non-veg rolls all over the North-west region of India with other food options and drinks. They serve around thirty-five rolls and other dishes. They have some good recipes that they added to their rolls. Rolls Studio franchise started to change the boring trend of serving rolls. Moreover, at Rolls studio, the prices start from Rs29, which is very easy to afford. They never let price affect their customers to enjoy their hygienic and delicious rolls and provide facilities to celebrate parties, small events, and other gatherings.    

Client’s requirements  

They wanted a catchy website to attract more people and customers to their Restaurant through their website. They wanted to make it easy to use and informational so that the people easily collect all the information related to the Rolls, dishes, and Restaurants. The other requirements of the client on the website are as follows- 

  • Apply for the franchise page.  

  • Home, Our Story, Menu, Gallery, and contact us pages.  

Our work for Rolls Studio  

As per the requirements of the client, we added the following features to the website-  

  • Home Page  

  • Our Story section  

  • Food menu filtration  

  • Gallery section  

  • Attractive banners slider  

  • Address Map  

  • Contact us (Apply for the franchise)- On the contact Us and home page, we created apply for franchise form; when any person fills their information and submit the form, the clients get information through the mail. 

Challenges we faced while web development of Rolls Studio 

Rolls Studio is one of the renowned franchise restaurants in the North-west region of India. Thus, the challenge was to create a perfect website in a very limited time. The opening of Rolls studio in Moradabad was in a few days, and we got this information very late. Hence, we had to create it before the opening of Rolls Studio. 


We understand the value of the name of such a big franchise as Rolls Studio. Therefore, it was our task to keep the honor of Rolls Studio. For the same, we increased the size of our skilled team from our web developers to content writers. Everybody had put extra effort into the creation of the website. Hence, we delivered the website 3 days before the opening of Rolls Studio.    

Technologies we used while creating this website. 

Html, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript