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Sampann Foods

Sampann Foods, A franchise of Lachef Aligarh. It's a vegetarian restaurant in the city of Kasganj. The pleasant, pared-back interior with bare wooden tables, hanging greenery around the lights, the multi-texture painted walls, and the alluring aroma of dining to please your soul. To ensure that you can release the tightness of your chaotic schedule and focus all of your attention on the food, Sampann provides a wide variety of veg foods and recipes. Also, they have a perfect banquet hall, which you can use for any party or event. 

Client’s Requirement 

The client wanted a static informational website where he could Show the information related to their restaurant, and also, he wanted to advertise the banquet hall through the website. Given below are the pages that he wanted to add to the website. 

  1. Food menu 

  2. Home page 

  3. About page 

  4. Gallery page 

  5. Contact Us page 

We have added the following features to the website: 

  • Home section with attractive banners slider 

  • About section 

  • Food menu slider 

  • Gallery slider 

  • Address Map 

  • Contact us - On the Contact Us page, we put a enquire form. When any person fills out and submits the form, the clients get information through the mail. 

Challenges we faced while web development of Sampann Foods 

The competition in the food industry is very high. Most restaurants have a good appearance on Google, and their website has developed professionally; from graphics to content, everything is done professionally by the competitors. Therefore, the expectations of the client were very high. He wanted to make its website the same manner, but he had less content to provide us. Hence, it was challenging for us to deliver him a better website than his competitors. 


Firstly, our team of graphic designers, Content writers, and web developers worked together to create the perfect content for the website. After working on the content and graphics, we put extra effort into designing and creating the website.   

Technologies we used while creating this website. 

  Html, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript